Half-Assed IT Student

IF you’re a computer science student but you’re NOT into programming and those complicated things, and all you do is thinking about completely different things from what you learned from your lecturers, you’re not alone.

Because.. you know what? I’m also an undergraduate computer science student who isn’t into the Information Technology (IT) life-path that I have chosen exactly two year ago. I’m a “rebel” who chose to learn business related things by myself, instead of focusing on IT things that are taught in my university.

I struggled, but It’s useless.

I just can’t. I even bought the mighty holy books for programming , The art of computer programming by Donald Knuth.  I was really excited when the books that I bought from Amazon came to my house, but after I saw the first page of the first book, I cried. I just couldn’t understand them

But, oh hey! Did I say anything about regretting my decision? No. Never. I don’t regret for enrolling in this full-of-logic-thinking-and-maths major.

I’m Grateful.

Not every businessman in this world could learn so much about IT things if they’re not directly learning from “The Masters” of I.T. I gain so much valuable informations just because I’m an IT student. So, while I gain those information, as a Studentpreneur, I’m preparing myself to be a great entrepreneur, soon.

I don’t want to be left behind by these masters of IT. Why? Because I might need them for my business, in the future.

So here I am. A Half-Assed IT guy, who isn’t regretting myself for enrolling IT course in my college, instead of using those informations as my media to grow as an Entrepreneur. Curious? Stay tuned for the next blog post.


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