Your Eternal “Best Friend”

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One thing that you must face for being an entrepreneur is your fear. Fear of making mistake, fear of being defeated, and fear of  failing. For simpler explanation, I will categorize them to one fear : fear of the unknown.

Fear of the unknown is the most annoying and clingy fear that you must face. Why? Based on my experience, I’ve been through soooo many competition and won most of them but this fear still living inside me, waiting for me to take a bold action, trying to drag me down with their “bad feelings”, “nightmare”, “goosebumps”, or anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Every time when you’re going to present your presentation in front of many people, especially when you’re in a competition, your fears suddenly wake up from their sleep and try to to make you feel like you’re worthless. Oh gosh, they’re always giving me that feeling. I really hate those feeling.

No matter what you do to get rid of them, They will always be there for you to drag you down to the “earth”. You can’t escape from these fears. They are your loyal “alarm” and they will continue to haunt you to your grave. Whatever you wanted to do, as long as you don’t face and embrace your fears and overcome them, you will be dragged down and feel like you’re worthless.

You only have one option.

So, what can we do to solve this problem? Well, nothing. Try to live and compromise with them. Try to understand them. It’s way harder to understand your fears than your girlfriends/boyfriends. But, keep trying to understand them. Maybe, just maybe, they’re trying to say something to you. Maybe they’re trying to “re-check” your readiness, your confidence, and your willingness before you go making some bold actions. Maybe they’re trying to prevent you from making any grave mistake that will put shame on your self, or your name.

Try to “communicate” with your fear. Don’t reject them. Embrace them.

Why are you feeling so uneasy? is there something wrong? Is there something that you’re forgetting? check again before you go in front of those people! – your fears.

Those are the common questions that your fears are trying to ask to you. If you can understand your fear more, they will tell you various type of information, premonition, or just simple question like “are you ready?”. Yeah, just answer them like you’re trying to answer something to your best friend, “Yeah, just bet on me, I’m going to the best here. So stay there, don’t make any silly movement to drag me down.”

Your fears are supporting you

They’re actually a nice “feature” that will stay with you, like forever. They’re your best friend. Sometimes they intimidate you, sometimes they scold you, sometimes they make you think before you do something, sometimes they make you frozen, sometimes they’re so annoying that you don’t want them to be by your side. But, you know what? they’re always be by your side. They care about you. Your quality, your perfectness.

They will improve you to be a better person. Every time you make mistakes, they will remind you about your past mistakes before you do something similar in the future. They’re supporting you. So don’t reject them.

They might be cold and hard to understand, but, really, they’re your best friend. They’ll always be there, supporting you until you’re back to the heaven.

So, how are you doing?

I hope that you, and your best friends, are doing fine. Is there anything that you want to discuss about this topic? I’m open for any discussion. See you on the comment section!


This is a post about entrepreneur that will be updated every Wednesday on 11.00AM GMT+7. Stay tuned for more post!


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