About Me

Hello, I’m Mundus.

It sounds weird right? But.. yup, almost everyone call me Mundus. My full name is Raymundus Jati Primanda. I’m an undergraduate Computer Science Student in Bogor Agricultural University. I live in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. I’m a young activist especially in Environment and Agricultural things. But aside from that, I’m striving to be a great Studentpreneur — a combination of a student and an entrepreneur.

I love to see anything that happen in my surrounding from two or more different perspectives. It allows me to understand and learn so much information just by “seeing” things differently that most people do.

I have a girlfriend called Amira. She’s great and admired by her friends. I’m very lucky to have her even as her boyfriend.  She gave me this strength, this great power, this hope for me to keep pursuing my dreams and desires. I hope that she will become “the one” for me in the future.

I love traveling. I travel to foreign country once a year and twice a year to different cities, islands, or mountains in Indonesia. I love taking photos. Photo of human natural emotion is my favorite one.

I love sharing my thoughts, my strategy, my struggle, my experience, my pain, my success story, my tips and trick on many things, and many more. I love to challenge myself. I’m not afraid to take any risk.

I’m very open to any discussion, or even a one-on-one conversation about my real life experience, or someone else’s experience, that I will share through these blog posts. I can’t wait to see some comment from you all who have given their time to read my blog.

Thank You!

I do really mean it. I mean, I don’t want this blog to be just an ordinary blog. I want this blog as a media to discuss about any real life problems, or anything as long as it concern anything that I post in this blog. I will create several category in this blog. I hope you enjoy reading this blog!

Don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll be there for you. Yes, you 🙂


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